20 billion emails a day in Europe

Every 24 hours load 40 milion photos and 150 million post on social
20 billion emails a day in Europe
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Every 24 hours the network is overloaded with 400 million Giga of traffic; from 650 million searches and some 20 billion emails sent.

Every day there are 500 thousand blog posts and 150 million posts on social media (43% of Europeans routinely use Facebook). Finally, 800 million videos are watched and 40 million photos are uploaded. The phone calls on the internet are 40 million For the European Commission, companies that have their core-business on the network grow infinitely faster than traditional multinationals. According to the European Commission the growth of the former is, on average, 14% per year; traditional ones are struggling to reach 0.2%. Due to linguistic differences, however, the Internet in Europe has a particularity compared to the “rest of the digital world”: most of the Internet traffic is done on local sites. It means that Europeans connect much more to sites in their own country than to those of countries that have a different language, including English.

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