In 2030 almost a third of the graduates will be chinese

27% of the total of the Oecd-G20 countries will come from the "Celeste impero"
In 2030 almost a third of the graduates will be chinese
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The raw material that will have more value in the future will be knowledge. Over the centuries the West has represented the cradle of science and philosophy. In the coming decades, the cradle will change citizenship. The policies on the education of some emerging states will soon bear fruit and the OECD has good reason to believe that in 2030 the scenario will be very different from the previous twenty years.

The international scenario of culture will change profoundly in the coming years. Aaccording to the OECD, in 2030 China and India will be able to count even on half of the graduates among the great countries of the world: 50% of all graduates in the OECD-G20 countries will come from India and China. In the current decade the percentage of Indian and Chinese doctors does not exceed 31%.

The growth of China and India takes place at the expense of other entities that will see the number of graduates decline compared to the total number of doctors in the world. Who will suffer the greatest collapse are United States of America and Russia. The US is 14% of world graduates in 2013, the Russian Federation is 10%. With a jump of 17 years, it will fall respectively to 8% and 4%. Even Japan and Korea will lose a lot of ground, in the ranking of graduates in the world going from 6% to 3% and from 4% to 2%.

Some states of the European Union, however, will take the blow (but in the lower part of the ranking): for example, Germany, which stops at 2%. Instead, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Poland fall. Italy does not start with its 1% (All data refer to OECD projections to 2030)

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