After Brexit Russia to start a different dialogue with the EU

Brexit will make the EU less focused on the US and more focused on the relation with Russia, hopes a French MEP
After Brexit Russia to start a different dialogue with the EU
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Brexit might push the EU towards a normalization in the relations with the Russian Federation as an alternative to the US tight cooperation, French MEP Aymeric Chauprade told in an interview with Interfax.

“We are witnessing a historic moment of building a new Europe, which takes into account interests of its member states. It might be possible also to restore relations with Russia. Such a Europe would have a weight in the multipolar world we are living,” said the MEP, a well known French expert in geopolitics.

“The UK exit could also enable Europe to abandon the idea that the US  policy orientation is the only option,” he said.

Mr Chauprade also stressed that he would like to see changes in the EU soon after Brexit. “I don’t want a collapse of the EU. Instead, there is a need in the EU for a profound reform that will bring us back to a Europe that doesn’t violate the sovereignty of its member states,” he explained.

According to an Italian expert in geopolitics Demostenes Floros, Brexit might have a positive effect on Russia-EU relations.”The UK membership in the EU has always been a powerful tool of the USA to bring about its influence. Now, the Washington risks losing it,”- he told in an interview with Interfax.

“The situation with Russia is somewhat different given that Moscow has always been looking forward a dialogue with Europe, while the United Kingdom as well as Poland and the Baltic states have been creating obstacles to this. With Brexit there is a hope that Moscow and Brussels will finally find a common language to start this dialogue,” Mr D.Floros said.

Anastasiia Kochkurova

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