Agriculture is younger in Austria, Poland and Slovakia

Cipro, Portugal and the United Kingdom at the bottom of the ranking
Agriculture is younger in Austria, Poland and Slovakia
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Agriculture is not a job for young people in the European Union. An exception are some Central and Eastern European countries, which are reversing the trend, reaching significant percentages of young people driving farms. At the top of the list with the youngest we find Austria, Poland and Slovakia. This is reported by data released by Eurostat, which compared the age of 10.3 million people who manage farms in the EU (data refer to 2016). Of these 10, 3 million only 11% are under forty years old. The percentage rises significantly in Austria (22.2% of ‘farm managers’ under 40), in Poland (20.3%) and Slovakia (19%). Above the EU average, also Estonia (15.5%), Germany (14.6%), Bulgaria (14%), Hungary (12.6%) and Lithuania, with the 12.3%. To push down the European percentage, three countries with particularly strong juvenile percentages: Cyprus (3.3% of farm managers under 40), Portugal (4.2%) and the United Kingdom (5.3%). Of course Eurostat also certified that the profession of farm manager is still dominated by men, with only 29% of female farm managers.

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