Jul 26, 2018

EAEC: ok to transport up to 20 kg of food products per person

The EAEC can be allowed to transport between countries without veterinary certificates up to 20 kg of food products per person for personal use only

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Jul 25, 2018

Good Italian food. But in Europe still too weak

The Ismea report on Italian Agri-food Competitiveness was presented today in Rome

Jul 21, 2018

Agriculture is younger in Austria, Poland and Slovakia

Cipro, Portugal and the United Kingdom at the bottom of the ranking

Jul 20, 2018

Who governs Italian agriculture

Established the delegations of the undersecretaries: for Pesce research, fruit and vegetables and work. For Manzato fish, milk and biologic

Jul 18, 2018

EU agri-food exports change

Free trade (agri-food) with a market of 600 million people. How the business orientation changes towards Eurasia

Jul 14, 2018

In Lazio first blockchain certified recipe

The “panzanella”, quality 4.0

Jul 1, 2018

Agri-food, EU exports are still growing in April

Usa, Russia, Japan and Turkey main destinations

Jun 27, 2018

All the food safety net in Italy

To Italy 30 centers. 36 to Spain and 41 to the United Kingdom

Jun 19, 2018

Six billion for the European seas and oceans

Intended for the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund: the Commission presented the investment proposal for the maritime economy with a plan of 6, 14 billion

May 30, 2018

Pyaterochka strengthens managment structure

X5 Retail Group, leading Russian food retailer, announces changes to the organisational structure of its Pyaterochka chain and the transition to a macro-regional management model

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Mar 26, 2018

Vegetables grown with water

Aquaculture-agriculture system. “Acquaponica” is born

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Mar 24, 2018

X5 launches operations in Tomsk

​The leading Russian food retailer announces its further expansion in the Siberian Federal District with the opening of the first three Pyaterochka stores in Tomsk

Mar 24, 2018

Italy, the most expensive land in Europe

The high cost of land is the main obstacle to the entry of young people into agriculture  

Mar 23, 2018

Ferrero, consolidated turnover growing

744 million invested in plant and machinery

Mar 22, 2018

Burian destroyed 20% collected vegetables

Siberian frost has also damaged 25 million olive trees  

Mar 20, 2018

Kostanai region to advance agriculture, car assembly with Italian, Chinese investments

The Kostanai region has announced plans to launch eight projects this year worth 28.3 billion tenge (US$88 million), according to a March 13 regional press service report

Mar 20, 2018

Conclusions on the future CAP

Ministers have completed the analysis, green light for the new system (with reserves from the Baltic countries)

Mar 18, 2018

The mafia does not sit at the table. But on the sofa: in front of the TV

Italy’s appeal against the chain of Spanish restaurants was accepted. But the first to abuse the mafia were the Italians themselves. With the TV

Mar 18, 2018

“Tiramisu” dessert of the Eataly in the world

On 21st March each year the day of the most famous Italian dessert in the world will be celebrated

Mar 16, 2018

Sagintayev: stop the increase in prices

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Bakytzhan Sagintayev, instructed representatives of executive bodies to prevent further price increases and strengthen control over price hikes ahead of the upcoming holidays

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