Auchan soon to supply Italy with confectionery made in Russia

French retailer Auchan to start deliveries of Russian-made sweets and chocolate under its own brands in its stores in Italy. Devaluation of the ruble played the greatest role in developing export
Auchan soon to supply Italy with confectionery made in Russia
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French retailer Auchan will soon start supplies of Russian-made products under its own brands to Italy, the director of external communications of the Russian units Auchan Maria Kurnosov said to TASS.

By now, it is a matter of small testing shipments of chocolate and sweets, Kurnosov said. All 16 designations that Auchan is going to export are produced under private retailer labels Sladky Ostrov, Kajduy Den and Nasha Trapesa. These confectioneries are produced on the plants Zolotaya Rus (Golden Russia) in the Tula region, Verist Kachestvu from the Ryazan region, Merletto in the Lipetsk region, and Confectionery Concern Montenegro in the Republic of Khakassia. it is planed to supply Italian stores of the Auchan Group.

“We have participated in the international exhibition where we showed our partners products made in Russia, – Kurnosov said. – Italian partners really liked our product line.”

About 370 Russian manufacturers produce for Auchan 2,6 thousand products under the retailers’ brand. Consumers are getting more confident in choosing products under Auchan brand. If in 2014 the share of goods under the Auchan brand was only 16,88%, in 2015 it increased to 20,4%. According to Kurnosova, within two years, it is planned to increase its number to 5,3 thousand items.

“The decision to export from Russia is not surprising, as production costs and prices on goods in Russian now are much lower than in Europe – explains the chairman of the Association of Retail Experts Andrey Karpov, adding that with the devaluation of the Russian ruble, more foreign companies start thinking of supplying goods from Russia.

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