Belarus, goods for personal use will be subject to customs duties

From 14 April, Belarus is tightening rules for import of goods for personal use
Belarus, goods for personal use will be subject to customs duties
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In accordance with new rules published on the national web platform of Belarus, people who are crossing the Belarus borders more than one time in three months will have to pay customs duties for personal goods worth more than 300 euros and 20 kg. That also applies to Belarusian and Russian citizens.

Until now, the limit was 50 kg and 1,500 euros respectively. This rule remains, however when crossing the border more than once in three months the goods worthing more than 300 euros will be considered as a commercial goods and thus subject to customs duties.

The new rule won’t apply on certain categories of goods imported by air, imported by staff members of diplomatic missions and consular offices, as well as goods that have been exported outside Belarus, and then brought back.

The changes will also affect international parcels designated to fiscal persons on the territory of Belarus. If earlier in a month it was allowed to order goods up to 200 euros and 31 kg without paying customs duties, now this limit is reduced to 22 euros and 10 kg. New limitations are not applied to the parcels from Russia.(A.H.)

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