Booking out in the Crimea

Jul 17, 2018 11:07 am

The British Consulate General in St. Petersburg will close on July 31st service stopped working in the Crimea due to sanctions against Crimea. Local authorities have ruled out the possibility for tourists to book accommodation in Crimea through Booking. According to the authorities of the Peninsula, “must comply with the EU trade sanctions against Crimea and the headquarters in the Netherlands is not authorized to offer services directly linked to tourism activities in Crimea”. is a hotel reservation system based in Amsterdam since 1996. The site database contains profiles of citizens from 227 countries offering booking services in 42 language versions. ┬áThe British consulate general in St. Petersburg will close its offices on July 31st. In mid-April, the diplomatic mission reported that the Russian Foreign Ministry ordered the British Consulate General in St Petersburg to complete the work before August 1st. The general consulate will continue to work in other areas.

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