Burian destroyed 20% collected vegetables

Siberian frost has also damaged 25 million olive trees  
Burian destroyed 20% collected vegetables
22 March 15:54 2018 Print This Article

The Burian Siberian storm, which took the thermometer down for several days many degrees below zero, has destroyed at least 20% of the vegetable crop in the countryside, such as lettuce, potatoes, artichokes, cabbage, cabbage, chicory and broccoli. Plant and flower nurseries have also been affected by the bad weather, while in many cases buds and flowers of fruit plants have been lost. But the winter frost has also split the bark, burned the buds and stripped from the leaves at least 25 million olive trees from Puglia to Abruzzo up to Lazio where the losses in some cases reach 60% of production. Winter 2018 therefore leaves in the countryside at least 300 million euros of damage to tens of thousands of companies throughout the Peninsula but the worries are not over for the arrival of a new wave of bad weather in spring. If the temperature remains long under zero at risk there are also the first fruits of the season but also almonds, plums, peaches and apricots in bloom while in soaked soils it is impossible to sow corn, beets or lentils.

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