Doubled biodynamic farms

Italy: 200 million turnover, 20% invest in wine
Doubled biodynamic farms
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In ten years, biodynamic farms have doubled in Italy. It is about 400 certified realities for an extension that is close to 12 thousand hectares; considering those awaiting certification, however, the estimate is of 4,500 companies for a market that reaches 200 million euros in turnover.

The most important export markets are Japan, the USA and the Scandinavian countries. Biodynamic companies are present in all sectors, from vegetables to breeding. But the leading sector is certainly the wine to which 20% of the companies in the sector dedicate themselves. The average area is 30 hectares per company.

Growth is determined by the ecological sensitivity that is spreading among the citizens; in Italy 6 out of 10 consumers (in 2017) have purchased organic products at least, a sign of greater attention to the environmental impact of their behavior. Biodynamics is in fact an interpretation of agricultural production centered on the sustainability of land in the context of a more general balance of the natural world, but it is also an investment from an environmental and economic point of view as the yield per hectare can reach 10 thousand euro value.

Biodynamic agriculture has supporters on every continent of the planet with an estimate of almost 2 million hectares of cultivated land, even though the greatest diffusion is registered in Europe and in particular in Germany where over 1/3 of the production is achieved internationally.


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