EAEC: ok to transport up to 20 kg of food products per person

The EAEC can be allowed to transport between countries without veterinary certificates up to 20 kg of food products per person for personal use only
EAEC: ok to transport up to 20 kg of food products per person
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According to the draft EAEC decision, it is proposed to include a new paragraph in the regulation on the uniform procedure for exercising veterinary control (supervision) at the customs border of the EAEC and on its customs territory. He will authorize the transportation of livestock products up to 20 kg per one individual within the framework of the EAEC without veterinary accompanying documents. But it should be “processed food products, which in the production process are thermally processed until the natural properties of the raw product are completely changed, and should be in consumer packaging,” the document emphasizes. In addition, the condition is also that this product is produced and exported from an epizootically safe region. When transporting products in quantities of 5 to 20 kg, you need to present a cash receipt, which would confirm its purchase in the retail network. Currently, there is a norm in the EAEC that limits the import to the Union from third countries without veterinary certificates of up to 5 kg of finished livestock products in the factory packaging, provided that the country of origin is well-off. This product is intended for personal use only.

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