EEU and animal products traceability in food chain

Eurasian Economic Commission proposes identification marks and information system to track animal products from the farm to supermarkets
EEU and animal products traceability in food chain
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Identification marks on animal products are soon to be required in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia. All necessary information to track and trace products from the farm, through the supply chain, to supermarkets shelves will be recorded in an integrated data system of the EEU.

A corresponding document was prepared by the Eurasian Commission’s working group. In particular, it provides for obligatory use of identification marks on animals and food products of animal origin, produced or imported in the EEU countries. Then, an integrated information system will generate and collect information on the product’s lot, date of manufacture, actual manufacturer, and etc.

What’s more, in order to improve traceability of different animal products in the food chain, the draft document suggest to collect different information on different products. In particular, slaughter date and livestock’s identification number are required to be indicated for meats; while shipment date for crude or skimmed milk and raw cream; product category and sorting date for eggs.

Russia has already prepared a draft order of the Ministry of Agriculture, proposing to introduce livestock and poultry marks. In particular, it provides for data collection, including livestock identification number, its productivity, ancestors, and descendants in a federal state information system.

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