EU: 6,000 euros for each migrant saved

Salvini: "Italy does not need alms" Italian Minister of the Interior: "European hypothesis does not exist"
EU: 6,000 euros for each migrant saved
24 July 14:16 2018 Print This Article

Controlled Centers in EU countries “on a voluntary basis” to improve the asylum procedures and speed up the return of illegal immigrants. It is the proposal of the EU Commission that provides financial support to the States that accept to host the centers. Who accept the transfer of migrants landed in one of the controlled centers will receive 6 thousand euros for each refugee.  “If they want to give money to someone else, Italy does not need alms”, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini replied, rejecting the EU proposal. “The hypothesis does not exist, also because over time each asylum seeker costs between 40 thousand and 50 thousand euros, We want to close the incoming flows to dispose of the backlog of hundreds of thousands of presences. and we are recovering it with our hands”.

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