EU Forecast, Central and Eastern Europe at the top of GDP growth 2018

May 4, 2018 10:54 am

Well also Balkan countries candidates for accession

In addition to Malta (5.8%) and Ireland (5.7%), Central and Eastern European countries are among those with the highest GDP growth rates in 2018 in the European Union. spring economic forecasts, made known today by the European Commission.

The Commission has forecast growth of gross domestic product in 2014 at 4.7% in Slovenia, the highest in the area. It follows with Romania + 4.5%. The economy will grow this year by + 4.3% in Poland, + 4% in Slovakia and Hungary, + 3.8% in Bulgaria, + 3.7% in Estonia, + 3.3% in Latvia, + 3.4% in the Czech Republic, + 3.1% in Lithuania and + 2.8% in Croatia. Good are also estimates for the Balkan countries still outside the EU, but candidates for accession. According to the Commission’s forecasts, in 2018 the economy in Albania will grow by 3.6%, the GDP in Serbia by 3.3%, in Macedonia by 3.1% and in Montenegro by 3%.

All Central and Eastern European countries and the Balkans will record growth above the EU and the Eurozone average in 2018, expected by the European Commission at 2.3%

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