EU turndown on road safety

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EU turndown on road safety
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New EU crackdown on road safety, with the aim of halving the deadly fatalities by 2030. Next week the European Commission will present a wide range of transport measures with the ‘Third mobility package’ that will touch various areas, from the strategy for automobiles driven cars to the limits of CO2 emissions for trucks.

Brussels will propose an update of the minimum safety standards for cars, after the latest update that dates back to 2009. The review will include, according to reports from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), from 2020 mandatory installation in new vehicles driving assistance technologies such as speed control and automatic emergency brake, more stringent crash test standards and measures to protect cyclists and pedestrians.

Another element that will present the Commission will be new safety requirements also for road infrastructures.

These will no longer apply only to the major axes of the Ten-T trans-European transport networks and their tunnels, but will also be extended to other roads, possibly, suggests Etsc, to all major European motorways and highways.

In the new EU strategy for connected cars, a part will also be dedicated to their homologation and safety, surpassing today’s system that works with exemptions to the current regime for standard-guided cars. In fact, Brussels wants to further halve fatal road accidents by 2030, after having already halved them from 50 thousand in 2001 to 26 thousand in 2017.

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