Europe, 7 thousand new drugs are on the way

They allow you to stretch your life and cure the most aggressive diseases
Europe, 7 thousand new drugs are on the way
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From 2000 to today, average life has lengthened in Europe by about two years. The merit of new medicines arrived on the market, says the European pharmaceutical industry association (Efpia). In fact, these would be, seven times out of ten, to have contributed to the greater life expectancy of today compared to twenty years ago. More than 7,000 innovative drugs are being developed in the European market in research centers all over the world that could improve and extend people’s lives even more. Among the 7,000 new drugs, 1,813 aim to defeat cancer, 1,329 aim to treat neurological and mental disorders. Another 1,251 serve in the fight against infectious diseases; 1.120 against autoimmune ones; 599 for cardiovascular diseases; 475 are for diabetes and 159 against HIV. This new wave of drugs will play a key role in resolving the challenges faced today by patients. However, research and development costs are high and national health systems may not be able to allow everyone to access new medicines.

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