European fraud, spain in the head: 9.766 cases

Spain is the European country that, between 2013 and 2016, has given more work to the Olaf (European Agency for fraud and irregularities in the use of EU funds).
European fraud, spain in the head: 9.766 cases
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The Olaf inspectors found 9,766 cases of irregularities or fraud by Madrid in the granting of funds. In its latest report Olaf does not distinguish between those that are real scams, such as, the granting of European funds to subjects who are not entitled to it or the misuse of money, from those that are irregularities, more or less less serious.

An irregularity could be the lack of adequate documentation for their use, which does not imply that the beneficiary could not receive the aid. The Olaf index, however, indicates at least the degree of transparency and efficiency of the public machines of the various countries in charge of managing EU funds.

Italy, in this special ranking of the less virtuous countries, is in an excellent position: the irregularities discovered by the Olaf inspectors were 3,016, a substantial number, higher than the irregularities discovered in France and Germany. Worse than Italy only three Eastern countries: Poland, Romania, Czech Republic.
Of course, the OLAF figure is also linked to the amount of money that each country receives: the higher the amount of funds transferred and the higher the probability of irregularities, net of the capacity of state and (above all) local administrations to manage the distribution of European aid.

For this reason it becomes interesting the percentage of money of these irregularities compared to the total amount of money that the country has received (data always refer to the 3 years considered: 2013-2016). In this case, Slovakia is the first in the ranking, with 13.14% of the expenditure of European funds being checked for irregularities. A very high percentage, considering that of other countries: the Czech Republic totals “only” 5.49% of irregularities and Spain, which boasts the highest number of infringements, is, in fact, at the bottom of this ranking with only 2 , 98%, almost double compared to 1.63% of Italy.

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