The European voices in the Syrian challenge between the US and Russia

Commission spokesperson 'Tests on the use of chemical weapons in Duma attack'
The European voices in the Syrian challenge between the US and Russia
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Angela Merkel excludes a German military participation in a military intervention in Syria. He reiterated this after the telephone conversation with the French president Emmanuel Macron. The topics of the conversation were reported by the German government spokesman Steffen Seibert who only stated that during the conversation there was a “common concern about the recent attacks with poisonous substances and the risk of an erosion of the international respect of the announcement of chemical weapons “.

The Franco-German position on the chemical weapons issue has become “forced” after the European Commission spokesperson, Maja Kocijancic, said: “The Commission’s report states that according to our reports most of the evidence indicates that chemical weapons were used in Syria in the attack last weekend “.

British Labor opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn condemns any use of chemical weapons in Syria as “shameful” and “unethical”, but says ‘no’ to plans for immediate US-led military action, rather invoking an investigation into UN and a multilateral response to stop the horrors of the Syrian conflict. The Labor leader calls for a parliamentary debate before dell’ok to a British participation in US attacks.

The premier Tory Theresa May intends to ask (and obtain) the authorization of the military mission to the Council of Ministers only. In England still weighs the story about the war in Iraq, decided in 2003 by the then Labor premier Tony Blair against the overwhelming popular opposition and on the basis of accusations later revealed false on the arsenals of Saddam.

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