Fake news: vulnerable Balkans, Italy mid-table, good Finland and Denmark

The ranking of the most (and least) countries resistant to the false information has been drawn up
Fake news: vulnerable Balkans, Italy mid-table, good Finland and Denmark
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Most Balkan countries and south-eastern Europe are the most vulnerable in Europe to the phenomenon of ‘fake news’. This is supported by the ‘Media Literary Index’ study for 2018, produced and made public by the Open Society Institute of Sofia.

The study analyzed the potential ‘resistance’ to fake news in 35 European countries, using freedom of media, education and trust in people as indicators of resilience.

The ‘Media Literary Index’ for 2018 highlighted that the worst-performing countries are all Balkans and Central-Eastern Europe, due to “poor or mediocre performance in education and controlled media (not free)”. in the lower part of a scale from 0 to 100, which indicates who is better equipped to resist fake news.

At the bottom of the ranking, Macedonia (10 points), Turkey (16), Albania (22), Bosnia and Herzegovina (25), Montenegro (28), Bulgaria (30), Serbia (31), Romania (38), Greece ( 39), Hungary (40), Cyprus (43), Croatia (44), Malta (47), Slovakia (48).

Well in the index, included among the most ‘resistant’ countries, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Poland (55 points), Latvia (56), Austria and Slovenia (60), Germany (62). Italy has won 50 points in the Media Literary Index. Heading: Finland (76 points), Denmark (71), the Netherlands (70), Sweden and Estonia (69) and Ireland (68).

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