Final tourist budget: 5.7 million visitors, 49% foreigners

Lomidze: "Next year the flow of foreign tourists to Russia will grow by 20%
Final tourist budget: 5.7 million visitors, 49% foreigners
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The press conference of the Executive Director of Ator (Association of Russian tour operators) dedicated to the impact of the 2018 World Cup on Russian tourism, allows us to be able to deal with just not official data – at least with plausible data. We tried the executive director of Maya Lomidze, putting on the scale of the overall investment for the world (850 billion rubles, 1% of the GDP) and the tourism results achieved by way of football. First of all, a clear statement: “700,000 foreign fans came to Russia only for the World Cup.” The others combined profit with pleasure.The best benefits were in Kazan (which doubled its tourists) and Kaliningrad nearly doubled. The list of countries of origin has seen the United States in the lead followed by South America (in order of quantity of flows: Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil. After South America South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Poland, Croatia, Germany, France, the last Great Britain, who only left the tournament with only the semifinals with Creazia. The best spenders? The fans of Arabia have spent 8 million rubles in Moscow in one evening. Lomidze, calculating the data in possession, estimates that after the Cup and by the end of the year the tourist growth will be 10% while instead it will be more consistent than the 2019 estimated at + 20%.

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