Frontex: who I am and how many people are traffickers

In 2017 Frontex have identified 10.213 among which 477 Italians, 465 Spanish and 434 French
Frontex: who I am and how many people are traffickers
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Not only are the Libyan smugglers making money with human trafficking. In reality there are thousands of people in business and it is not even true that they are all Africans.  Frontex, the European agency responsible for monitoring the external borders of the Union, defines them in its latest report, “facilitators”. These are people who were identified last year as contiguous to illegal immigration and that have been reported to the authorities of the various countries where they were identified. In the Frontex list among human traffickers there are also Italians, French and Spaniards even if it is clear that at the top of the ranking of the “facilitators” there are the Moroccans, who have now gained the upper hand over other nationalities in the management of this business. In 2017 alone, the Moroccans identified by Frontex were 804, the Albanians were 651 and the Italians 477, third parties in this very sad classification. Spanish and French follow. The “facilitators” identified in 2014 totaled 10,234 climbs to 12,023 in 2015, 12,621 in 2016 and 10,213 in 2017.

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