Fruit&Veg System presents 8th international table grape symposium

For the first time in Verona, industry players and the research community will come together to create a system for the territories and the Made in Italy brand
Fruit&Veg System presents 8th international table grape symposium
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The 8th International Table Grape Symposium will be held in Puglia and Sicily, Italy, from 3rd to 7th October 2017.  The event is organised by Agrifood Consulting in collaboration with Veronafiere.

The agreement was formalised in recent days and allows the Verona company to add another important component to the Fruit&Veg System project – the innovative B2B event dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector which will debut at VeronaFiere from 4th to 6th May.

At this event, the Symposium will be introduced at a meeting scheduled for May 6th in the Forum Area of the Hall 4. There will also be a round table event, to be attended by researchers, producers and market players, so that the entire chain is represented.

Vittorino Novello, Professor of Viticulture at the University of Turin, and one of the three organisers of the Symposium, says, “The partnership with Agrifood Consulting is a strategic one, because it allows us to present the eighth edition of this international event dedicated to table grapes within an international showcase that focuses on quality, exports and the requirement to create a system.”

For the first time in Verona, the world of research will connect with the table grape industry with the intention to  create a synergy, a moment of general comparison in which all industry players will make contributions by reporting issues, problems, critical points and offering ideas that will be discussed in detail at the next Symposium edition.

Laura De Palma, Professor of Viticulture at the University of Foggia, and one of the three organisers of the Symposium, explains, “The idea is to create a system that will connect scientific research with the worlds of production, industry, market and commercialisation. At its heart will be the interests of the territory and the positive effects that will be created if this system works. In this sense, we think that Fruit & Veg System represents the best synthesis of the intention not only to internationalise, but also to connect at national level.”

There are many hot topics in the industry which will be addressed at the Symposium. For instance, climate change which is forcing global market players to adapt their crops, or, lets name problems related to plants’ defenses, cultivation techniques, nutrition connected issues, or problems related to the transport, storage and processing phases.

The third organiser, Rosario Di Lorenzo, Professor of Viticulture at the University of Palermo, states, “It is an extremely important chance for the table grape sector to rightly assert its central role in Italian agri-food industry, a role which in recent years, perhaps, has been somewhat challenged. It will also be an important opportunity for comparison with colleagues who come from major producing countries, but also with the technicians and all operators in the sector. Our goal will be to promote the Italian production system, mostly concentrated in the regions of Puglia and Sicily, with the intention to involve everyone and not exclude anyone. In this context, we believe the agreement with Agrifood Consulting and Veronafiere is extremely important since we share the rationale and vision of their Fruit & Veg System event.”

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