Germany, disruption to the minimum

March 2018, + 145 thousand employed in just one month
Germany, disruption to the minimum
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The number of Germans in employment continues to rise: in March 2018, 44 million and 432 thousand were raised. The growth in just one month, that is compared to January 2018, was 145 thousand people and, compared to January of this year, 204 thousand. Compared to January of last year, the growth was 831 thousand units. Instead, growth, in percentage terms, was 1.4% compared to the same month of 2017.

These figures bring the unemployment rate in Germany to 3.5% in March 2018 compared to 3.8% in February, an even lower rate than in recent months in Great Britain.

But unemployment rates divided by types of people are also impressive. For example: unemployed women are only 2.9% in very sharp decline from 3.5% in the same month of 2017, men 3.9, people under 25 years old 6.1 (from 6.2 % of the previous month) while those between 25 and 74 are 3.1% (from the previous 3.2%).
To have a comparison with the Italian situation, in 2017 the unemployment rate was 11.4%, dropped to 11% in March 2018. In Italy the employment rate is equal to 58.3% compared to a rate of employment in Germany is 67.

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