Government, Mattarella entrusted the task to Cottarelli

Cottarelli: "Without trust elections after August, otherwise at the beginning of 2019"
Government, Mattarella entrusted the task to Cottarelli
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A government program to bring Italy to the vote: without confidence in the fall, otherwise at the beginning of 2019. Former commissioner of the spending review Carlo Cottarelli was appointed by Sergio Mattarella to form a “neutral” executive whose members commit themselves not to run for the next election. Contacted already late yesterday evening, after the resignation of the mandate of Giuseppe Conte and the stop to the government M5s-Lega, Cottarelli remained in talks with the head of state for about an hour. The idea to be implemented is that of the neutral government that the president of the Republic had already proposed last May 7. The prime minister, after having reassured “on the prudent management of public accounts” and on “constructive dialogue with the EU”, has guaranteed “very tight deadlines” for the presentation of the “list of ministers” to the President of the Republic. He then met the president of the Chamber Roberto Fico, while around 15.30, as usual, will meet the second office of the state.

“I am very honored as an Italian of this position”, was the economist’s debut, “and of course I will give it my all. The president asked me to introduce myself to Parliament with a program that will bring the country to new elections “. Therefore: “A program that in case of trust includes the approval of the budget law and then foresees the dissolution of the Parliament and elections in 2019. In the absence of confidence the government would immediately resign and its task is that of ordinary administration for elections after the month of August “. Then he reiterated what Mattarella had already specified when he first proposed to the press the creation of a super partes executive: “The government would maintain a complete neutrality with respect to the electoral debate. I pledge myself not to apply and I will ask the same commitment to all members of the future government “. The final part of the speech was devoted to public accounts and to the relationship with the European Union: “In recent days tensions on financial markets have increased, the spread has increased, but the Italian economy is growing and public accounts remain under control. A government led by me would ensure a prudent management of our public accounts. The dialogue with the EU in defense of our interests is essential, it must be a constructive dialogue, in full recognition of the essential role of Italy “. Lastly, Cottarelli confirmed the “continued participation in the euro area”.

The 5-Star Movement in the past few hours has announced that it will demand the impeachment of the President of the Republic. A position confirmed by the deputy Manlio Di Stefano arriving in Parliament this morning: “From the Hill there was a good and good political interference”

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