Heat defeats diabetes: experimentation at Gemelli Hospital

"Rejuvenates the duodenum". The results, unique in the world
Heat defeats diabetes: experimentation at Gemelli Hospital
28 February 11:58 2018 Print This Article

Phase II clinical trials on diabetic patients are underway at the A. Gemelli University Hospital in Rome to test a new promising non-pharmacological treatment: it is a question of using heat to regenerate a “healthy” intestinal mucosa acting on a intestine’s part, the duodenum, home of release of hormones involved in the causes of diabetic disease.

The technique, performed in minimally invasive endoscopy, was tested on numerous patients in a first experimental cycle, proving to be absolutely safe and potentially effective. “The new clinical tests, called Revita 2, in progress (currently 11 patients have been enrolled), will serve to validate the anti-diabetes efficacy of the innovative treatment“, explains Guido Costamagna, director of the Complex Operative Unit of Digestive Endoscopy Gemelli Surgery and Director of the Institute of General Surgical Clinic and Surgical Therapy at the Catholic University, Rome, world recognized leader in therapeutic endoscopy.

Enrollment (for Italy two centers are involved, the Gemelli and the Humanitas of Rozzano) began on May 19, 2017 and is expected to end in autumn 2018. Humanitas and Gemelli are Italian partners of the “Curarsi in Italia” project.

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