Italian art in Moscow

Moscow’ Palisander Gallery Celebrates Italian Design
Italian art in Moscow
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As part of Italian Design Day 2018, promoted worldwide on March 1 by the Italian Foreign Ministry, Moscow’s Palisander Gallery is celebrating Italian design with a singular exhibition.

The show, which was organized together with the Italian Embassy in Moscow, is dedicated to the history of Italian design from the 1950s, and it includes works by a plethora of designers, from the architect Giò Ponti to contemporary artists.

Alina Kovalyova, curator of the exhibition, art director and owner of the gallery, has made design pieces not just something to buy, but works of art to admire. “It is not that common to collect design items as works of art in Russia, and that’s why we [as a Gallery] are trying to promote this trend among Russian collectors,” she told The Moscow Times.

In the late Soviet period, socialist realism was the approved style of art, and abstract art was not officially permitted. Today, Palisander Gallery is a gallery in central Moscow where abstract art meets collectible design from the 1950s up to the modern period.

Thanks to the Italian Embassy in Moscow, Kovalyova had a chance to exhibit many pieces of her own collection together with different design items that were brought in from Italy for the show. “Alina Kovalyova has arranged such a sophisticated exhibition showing her expertise and knowledge of this sector that it would be hard to find something similar in terms of level anywhere else in Russia,” Italian Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano told The Moscow Times.

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