Italian elections: the stages of the post-vote

March 23 first session of the Chamber and Senate. At the end of March, Gentiloni resigned.
Italian elections: the stages of the post-vote
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It will take a month of time, before having a new government. The new deputies and senators can begin to register in Parliament starting next Thursday.

On March 23, first session of the new Chambers. The assembly of the Senate will be presided by the oldest senator (the former president of the Republic and senator for life Giorgio Napolitano, 93). At the Chamber instead the first session will be led by the vice-president of the past legislature who had more votes (as long as he is elected again): it will be up to Roberto Giachetti (he had 253 votes), or to Luigi Di Maio (173 votes). The first session will be dedicated to the proclamation of the elected representatives and to the election of the new presidents.

By March 25, the parliamentarians must have communicated to which group they intend to belong.

The parliamentary groups must elect their presidents on 27 March.

Elected the presidents of the Chamber and Senate and formed the parliamentary groups, Gentiloni resigned.

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella starts consultations for the formation of the new government.

The Easter week (which this year falls on the first of April) should not stop the work. At the end, Mattarella will be able to give the task of exploration or full job.

In the meantime, the Gentiloni Government remains in charge of current affairs.

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