Italy, the 4 possible majorities

After the Easter holidays, the italian President starts consultations. The options, numbers in hand, are 4 (in addition to the return to the polls).
Italy, the 4 possible majorities
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There are only four possible governments in Italy and one of these (M5s-Pd) would stand on a few votes. The majority in the Chamber of Deputies is 316 votes and in the Senate it is 161.

These are the possible scenarios with which the Head of State (and the country) will find themselves dealing with in the coming weeks.

1) The government that has more votes on paper is that of the entire center with the M5s. The House could count on 487 seats and the Senate on 246. A large majority that could ‘afford’ to lose some votes on the street.

2) The yellow-green government, that circumscribed to an alliance between Lega and M5s, would also have the majority, but more narrow (347 votes to the chamber and 167 to the Senate). In the event of support from the Brothers of Italy, it would reach 379 votes in the Chamber and 185 in the Senate.

3) The government of all the center with the Democratic Party would have many votes, 376 in the House and 189 in the Senate. But nobody has even hypothesized it.

4) The less stable government would be the one based on an alliance between M5s and Pd. Even if all the Democratic Party supports him (but was pronounced “no” by the party leadership and in particular by Matteo Renzi) the yellow-red executive would have 333 votes in the House and 161 in the Senate. He could therefore not afford any dissent.

It would not reach the majority instead a possible Pd-Fi government, which would have only 215 votes in the House and 113 in the Senate.

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