Italy demands clarification on French ‘migrant drop’

Gendarmery have crossed border with 2 migrants
Italy demands clarification on French ‘migrant drop’
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The foreign ministry on Monday demanded clarification from the French ambassador in Italy after a French gendarmery police van was allegedly seen dropping off two men in woods on Friday near the border at Claviere, in the province of Turin.

The Italian police saw the incident and took down the vehicle’s registration number. The men are suspected of being migrants of African origin.

The foreign ministry had also instructed the Italian ambassador in Paris to take a similar formal step with French authorities, “in order to clear up the precise terms of the incident”.

“I don’t want to believe (President Emmanuel) Macron’s France uses its police to dump migrants in Italy in secret” interior minister Matteo Salvini said.

The Turin prosecutor’s office opened a probe into the incident.

Cécile Bigot-Dekeyzer, prefect of the French region Hautes-Alpes, admitted the error.


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