Italy has done well on the Skrypal case

The former Foreign Minister Franco Frattini speaks
Italy has done well on the Skrypal case
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Franco Frattini, president of Sioi, former Foreign Minister and European Commissioner, considers the accusation of British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson against Moscow to be wise “Johnson has stated that Putin’s involvement is” highly probable “.

It is not wise to withdraw the diplomats and threaten the Cold War if the Kremlin’s responsibility is “highly probable”. You are not joking about these things. Perhaps those who have immediately drawn the verdict without having investigated do not remember that a few months ago, that is, at the end of September 2017, with a sumptuous ceremony in The Hague the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (Opac), Nobel Peace Prize 2013, celebrated the completion of the total destruction of chemical weapons owned by the Russian Federation.

The poison that poisoned Skripal and his daughter was not included in the list of weapons “. Frattini also added: “I have been chairman of the Committee for the control of the secret services, and I am well aware that the exchanges of spies take place within the framework of collaboration programs between non-friendly states. What sense would it give a spy and try to kill her many years later? I do not consider this tranchant way of making the name Putin acceptable.

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