Italy, the most expensive land in Europe

The high cost of land is the main obstacle to the entry of young people into agriculture  
Italy, the most expensive land in Europe
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The arable land in Italy is the most expensive in Europe, with Liguria ranking as the European region with the highest prices (average amount of 108 thousand euro per hectare).  In Italy the average price of arable land is 40,153 euros per hectare, with values ranging from 17.571 euros in Sardinia to 30.830 euros in Puglia, from 40.570 euros in Lazio to 42.656 in Tuscany, from 65.759 in Lombardy to 68.369 in Veneto up to the Ligurian record.

The national average value is more than three times higher than the average in Spain (12,744 euros) almost seven times that of France (6,060 euros) and one and a half times that of Great Britain (25,732 euros).

If we consider that the average size of an Italian farm is about eight hectares, the entry price for a young farmer is likely to become prohibitive despite the fact that the campaign is at historical highs (+ 6% in 2017 farms) Italians conducted under a total of 55,121 companies: a figure that gives Italy the supremacy in Europe for the number of young companies).

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