Italy-Russia interchange, Italy 7th customer country and 5th supplier

Italy + 18.1% on January 2018. After Poland. First China, the Netherlands and Turkey
Italy-Russia interchange, Italy 7th customer country and 5th supplier
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The top ten supplier countries scored positive increases in the Russian Federation market. The data processed by the Russian Customs Agency (January 2018 on January 2017) show an Italy that grows percentage-wise most of all, close to 20%.

China remains at the top with an increase of 7.6%. Germany consolidates second place with an increase of 9.5% in January 2018. The United States remains in third place but increases their presence by 6.4%. On the contrary, the retreat of Belarus, which leaves on the field 8.3% of the value of the exchange, is strong.
Italy advanced by a significant 18.1%, the best result among all the top ten supplier countries (exceeded only by 20.2% of Ukraine, the 10th Russian supplier country). Kazakhstan also fell (-7.5%).

The retreat of the two countries of the Eurasian Economic Community (Belarus and Kazakhstan) and the simultaneous improvement of the EU countries (including France in positive territory, + 4.6%) indicate a general tendency of Russia to resume and consolidate economic relations with Europe.

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