Kazakh agricultural exports between China and the EU

The Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture and representatives from the World Bank and several transnational agro companies discussed the nation’s exports and new Silk Road food security  during a conference at the Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable
Kazakh agricultural exports between China and the EU
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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Umirzak Shukeyev, presented macroeconomic figures showing the potential of Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex: the latest achievements include successful deals between Kazakhstan and countries including China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The nation has also removed restrictions on live sheep and frozen and chilled lamb supplies to Iran, exporting 4,763 live sheep (129.5 tonnes) and 509.8 tonnes of lamb last year to the western Asian nation. Iran has also approved importing Kazakh eggs.

Other countries have established clear requirements on beef imports, as Saudi Arabia and the UAE have removed their restrictions on large and small cattle. The latter also eliminated barriers on meat, meat products and eggs.

The Chinese market is now open to Kazakh products such as frozen beef and lamb, fish, honey and live horses, as well as wheat, bran, soybeans, alfalfa, rapeseed meal, flour and vegetable oil. Agricultural exports to China increased 34.3 percent last year, from $134.5 million to $180.6 million.

At present, 167 Kazakh enterprises are included on the Chinese and European Union (EU) registries and can legally export agricultural products to the participating countries. Approximately 150 companies are permitted to export to China, while 17 enterprises specializing in fish processing may send their goods to the EU.

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