Kremlin adopts new foreign policy concept

Russia's President Vladimir Putin signs a decree approving the new concept of Russia's foreign policy
Kremlin adopts new foreign policy concept
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Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a new concept of Russia’s foreign policy. The document was published on the official web portal of legal information.

The document updates and revises the key areas, goals, and tasks of the country’s foreign policy to reflect the changes on the international arena in the past three years.

The document, among other things, aims at promoting country’s role in strengthening international peace and stability on the basis of the UN Charter and the rule of international law, as well as to boost mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral relations.

Strengthening position of Russian mass media abroad and providing the broader world community with Kremlin’s stance on major international issues are named important in the new Russia’s foreign policy concept.

According to the document, the development of the modern world will be largely characterized by a struggle between dominant ideas on the organization of the future international system. At the same it also highlights a shift of development potential and strength towards the Asia-Pacific region, while the Western powers are losing global dominance.

The previous concept version was adopted in Feb. 2013 and is no longer valid now.

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