Mandatory labeling: it’s food products’ turn

Tea, coffee, rice, pasta, canned meat and fish products and dairy products are on the list
Mandatory labeling: it’s food products’ turn
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Mandatory labeling also for food products. The Russian Ministry of Industry (Minpromtorg) has in fact sent to the government a new list of goods subject to mandatory labeling. Among the list there is: tea, coffee, rice, pasta, canned meat and fish products, beer, fruit juices and mineral water, dairy products and baby food.

Previously, the agency has declined the standard points that – along with the labeling – guarantee customers the quality of the products. He also supplied them for non-food items such as: shoes, blankets, coats, raincoats and jackets, shirts, leather clothing, tires, natural and composite spirits, cameras.

Currently in Russia, furs have mandatory labeling. A pilot project to label drugs and to experiment with digital marking of tobacco products was also launched. Furthermore, from 1 June, an experiment on the marking of shoes is expected.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade explains that the fundamental principle used for the choice of products for labeling is the need to build a “needs map” for consumers. In this map, reference elements are the average cost and the average duration of the products, the cash and in-kind market volume, an expert assessment of the risk for the life and health of citizens and an expert estimate of the share of illegal traffic. A unified system for marking goods can start operating in Russia as early as 2024.

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