Moscow-Kazan, welcome investors

The Russian Investment Agency "Invest in Russia" and JSC «High-Speed Rail Lines» signed the Memorandum on Joint Cooperation for the implementation of construction of the Moscow – Kazan High-Speed Railway Line
Moscow-Kazan, welcome investors
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“The development of high-speed transport is one of the promising directions of development of the country”, – President of the Russian Investment Agency Yury V. Spiridonov said . Today, in the conditions of global competitiveness the winner is the one who knows how to create the most favorable conditions for both residents and businesses. In this regard, the improvement of railway transportation is a serious contribution to the strengthening of the competitive position of territories”.

Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Y. Sokolov noted the importance of the economic and social effects that the High-Speed Railway Line “Moscow-Kazan” will bring: «The completion of the HSR will create new conditions for the development of tourism ,and new quality of life in the regions.”

Modern high-speed trains move at a speed of about 350-400 km/h, and in the testing run at speeds of 560-580 km/h.
The first phase of the High-Speed Railway Lines in the Russian Federation will be the construction of the Moscow — Kazan HSR-2 line , which will include 7 constituent entities of the Russian Federation’s territory: Moscow and Moscow Region, Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod Region,, Chuvash Republic, Mari El Republic and Republic of Tatarstan. Further development of the High-Speed Railway Line includes its extension to Yekaterinburg.

With the start of the line the travel time between Moscow and Kazan will be reduced by 4 times: from the current 14 hours (on the existing railway infrastructure) down to 3.5 hours, and the travel time between Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan will be reduced by 7 times from 10 hours 32 mins to 1 hours 37 min. HSR Moscow — Kazan will enhance the interconnection of Russian territories and increase the mobility of the population, and the average journey time will be 1 hour between the capitals of the Regions.

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