Moscow to speak Italian at ‘Buongiorno Italia’ exhibition

'Buongiorno Italia' Exhibition to be held in Moscow on October 8 to introduce locals to Italian cinema and culture
Moscow to speak Italian at ‘Buongiorno Italia’ exhibition
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Italy is visiting Moscow this week. The locals have a chance to travel to mediterranean with ‘Buongiorno Italia’ (Hello Italy), a festival that takes place at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall from October 3 to 8.

The exhibition introduces visitors to Italy’s rich culture – education, tourism, fashion, cinema, medical science, business, and cuisine. Its main aim is to bring Russia and Italy closer together culturally.

In particular, visitors can enjoy the “Viva l’Italia! Il cinema made in Italy visto dall’obiettivo di Angelo Frontoni” (Viva l’Italia! Italian cinema through the lens of Angelo Frontoni) photo exhibition organized by the National Museum of Cinema in Turin and managed by Roberta Basano and Elena Boux in the framework of the ‘Buongiorno Italia’ exhibition.

Other events in the programme list include the screening of classic Italian films in original language every evening throughout the week, a concert of an Italian singer Thomas Grazioso, an installation of costumes from ll Ballo del Doge, the famous masquerade ball which takes place annually during the Carnival in Venice, and others.

‘Buongiorno Italia’ exhibition is held in the framework of Russian Year of Cinema, and, therefore, cinema is a central theme of the event.

‘Buongiorno Italia’ is a project that combines best practices of cultural initiatives and cooperation between government and business through Russian and Italian creative communities.

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