The polls, the certainties, the options

Today at 21 Italian opens the seats of Vladivostok. The largest country in the world, with 11 time zones, will need 24 hours to complete the vote, including that of Russian citizens abroad. Here are the candidates and the values of incoming consent
The polls, the certainties, the options
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The forecasts of the experts of VTsIOM, the leading Russian polling institute, photograph the consignment forks just a few hours from the opening of the first seats in the Federation. The current leader of the Kremlin is credited with voting percentages ranging from 69 to 73%; Pavel Grudinin second with 10-14%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky third with a scissors 8-12%, Ksenia Sobchak is at 2-3%, Grigory Yavlinsky with 1-2%. Following, but with percentages around or under below 1%, Boris Titov, Sergei Baburin and Maxim Suraykin.

The turnout is expected around 65.

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