Putin creates a Cultural Fund to popularize Russian culture

Oct 31, 2016 5:49 pm

Vladimir Putin orders to create a special fund to stimulate Russian people to realize their personal creative potential and preserve cultural values

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree establishing a Russian Culture Fund. The document was published at the relevant legal information portal on Monday, reports Interfax.

The fund will aim to consolidate the state and еру civil society efforts to create necessary conditions to stimulate people in realization of their personal creative potential, as well as to preserve cultural values, ensure the popularization of Russian culture and contribute to the development of cultural potential of Russian regions, the decree states.

The Russian Culture Ministry was assigned to be the fund’s founder. However, individuals and public organizations can also take part in its creation.

The Russian cabinet of ministers has received кудумфте instructions to turn over the necessary federal property to the fund, as well as to provide it with a building in Moscow and approve the procedure of subsiding the new cultural structure. The next year’s federal draft budget will already include subsidies dedicated to the fund.

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