Putin’s United Russia to win more than half of vote in parliamentary election

According to preliminary results the ruling party United Russia will preserve its status as largest faction in Duma
Putin’s United Russia to win more than half of vote in parliamentary election
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The United Russian (Edinaya Rossia) party backed by President Vladimir Putin preserved its ruling status as largest faction in the lower house of parliament Duma with 54.28% of the vote in a parliamentary election, based on the 93.06% of ballots counted by Monday morning, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to the preliminary results announced by the Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Ella Pamfilova.

On the second place is the Communist party (KPRF) with 13.45% of the vote, followed by the ultra-nationalist Liberal Democrats (LDPR) on 13.24%. The Just Russia party (Spravedlivaya Rossia) won 6.17%. The other parties didn’t make it to break the five percent threshold. Thus United Russian will receive a total of 343 mandates (76.22% of seats; 140 in the Federal district and 203 single-mandate districts), the KPRF gained 42 mandates (9.34%), the LDPR 39 mandates (8.67%), and the Just Russia 23 mandates (5.11%), according to the incomplete vote count.

A result along these lines would mark a modest success for President Vladimir Putin in showing he can keep political control in the country. In fact, Vladimir Putin called United Russia’s results in Sunday’s polls a ‘good’ result. “Things are difficult and hard, however people are still voting for United Russia,” said Putin. The Prime Minister and Chairman of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev said: “we can boldly say that our party won [the elections]”.

After 2011 massive street protests in Moscow triggered by electoral fraud, the Kremlin changed the electoral system in a bid to make the polls more credible to the population. Under the new system (a so called mixed system) only half of the Duma’s 450 seats are allocated through party lists according to the party’s share of the vote. The other seats will be filled with deputies elected in single-member constituencies.

According to Pamfilova national turnout in Sunday’s polls was a modest 47.81%. She also stated that there were 264 thousand observers at the polls all around the country. They said the polls felt cleaner than five years ago. However, as the independent monitoring movement Golos said it has received over 400 calls complaining on the irregularities and over 1000 similar reports on the web. One of the most commonly reported fraud was so called ‘carusel’ voting, when groups of people vote on behalf of others who didn’t show up on the elections.

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