Red Square to have a new museum in 2019

With façade overlooking Red Square, a new museum will make about 80 thousand sq m
Red Square to have a new museum in 2019
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Moscow Architectural Council approves a project of Kremlin museums to build a new exhibition complex inside the former Middle Trading Rows, which lies between Ilyinka Street, Khrustalny alley, and Varvarka and faces the Red Square.

The museum’s area will make about 80 thousand sq m., occupying a plot of 17,308 sq m. The project has been designed by Russian consortium “Meganom” and includes two sections: first one, built in 1893 by architect R.M. Klein, is a historical section of rows which is located along the red lines of the plot and is an object of cultural heritage of federal importance. The second one is a 4-storeyed building being designed at the moment.

The first section of the new museum (the historical part) will house on its first floor all public functions of the museum, including kid’s center, shops, restaurant, and other commercial properties.

The exhibition concept is being designed by architect Michele de Lucchi and includes an exhibition space and a hall of permanent exhibition with 36 m span. Some exhibition items were suggested to be placed outdoor, in special niches in the façade of the main building. The Architectural Council hopes there will be no need to buy tickets to see them: “We like the idea of making it part of the the city street”.

“A really good job, approved by all members of the council — said the chairman of the Architectural Council Sergei Kuznetsov commenting on the project. — I’m glad that project with such a thorny background has finally acquired a comprehensible structure. An essential idea became an openness of the museum to the city, while, on the other side, it has contrast between bustling environment of Red Square and more chamber like setting inside the quarter. All of these seem to be a good combination of properties and quality of this project, which inspires a hope that the place that remained scaffolded for a long time, will finally be successfully implemented”.

He also added that at the moment the project is being examined by experts. According to rough estimate, the construction works will take about two years.

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