Russia creates Hyperloop working group

Jan 12, 2017 8:36 am

Russia’s Transport Ministry will have its working group to develop Hyperloop technologies

A working group for the development of Hyperloop technologies has been established within Russia’s Transport Ministry, a relevant decree was signed by the Head of the Ministry Maxim Sokolov, reports Interfax.

Deputy Minister of Transport Alexey Tsydenov was appointed a president of the newly incorporated group. Representatives of the Transport Ministry, the Federal Customs Service, and the Ministry of the Far East Development, the Russian Railways and other organizations are expected to participate in the work of the group.

The group is intended primarily to elaborate proposals on the improvement of the existing legislation, as well as transport infrastructure.

Hyperloop, an ambitious project of billionaire Elon Musk, is a mode of passenger and freight transportation that propels a pod-like vehicle through a near-vacuum tube at more than airline speed.


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