Russia is getting ready to introduce IT in healthcare

A sub-working group titled "Internet + Medicine" has finalized a road-map for the legalization of telemedicine and distance selling pharmacies
Russia is getting ready to introduce IT in healthcare
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Selling pharmacies and medical services in Russia via the Internet could be authorized already next year, reports Rbc citing a road-map for the implementation of IT in the healthcare prepared by a working group under the presidential administration.

The legalization of telemedicine could take place in the first quarter of 2017; while selling over-the-counter drugs via the Internet will be enabled in the second quarter, according to the document.

Being responsible for the development the road-map, a sub-working group titled “Internet + Medicine“, which is part of a technical group for the development of the Internet under the presidential administration, expects that, by 2018, 25% of Russia’s public healthcare organizations will be able to introduce telemedicine technologies and provide remote consultations of patients. The authors of the document also believe that, by the end of 2017, 5% of total drugs sold in the country will be via the Internet; while in 2018, the share will grow to 10%.

The Institute of development Internet (IRI), the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), and Russian multinational technology company “Yandex” took part in drafting the road-map, as a result of the August meeting of the technical group chaired by the Russian President’s aide Igor Shchegolev, who assigned to prepare the document by October in order to launch expert discussions soon.

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