Russia shows concern for Italy’s ‘no’ to constitutional reforms

Russia's senator: "A full-scale political crisis may be expected in Italy after the referendum on constitutional reforms"
Russia shows concern for Italy’s ‘no’ to constitutional reforms
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Italy’s rejection of constitutional reforms, which has already resulted in Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s decision to resign, raises concerns abroad. First to comment on Sunday’s crushing defeat in Russia is head of the Federation Council (upper house of parliament) Committee for International Affairs, Konstantin Kosachev. “A full-scale political crisis may be expected in Italy after the referendum,” he wrote in his Facebook page on Monday.

“The upcoming resignation of Renzi’s cabinet and a possible appointment of a ‘technical’ government may entail problems for Europe,” reports TASS citing Mr Kosachev. The Russian daily has already showed large concerns over the exit polls that showed that almost 60% of voters opposed constitutional change with around 41% in favor, reporting on a possible EU crises and a hammer blow to Italy’s economy.

According to Konstantin Kosachev, Renzi gambled his own political future on the referendum’s outcome, when the vast majority of voters said ‘no’ to his plans to distribute power between the parliament. “This is why the right-wing forces and nationalists believe that the referendum outcome marks their victory. Marine Le Pen (leader of the French National Front) has already congratulated her Italian counterparts saying it was not only a vote against Renzi, but also against the EU,” the senator noted, adding, that the Italian referendum is just one of the first acts that launches a political turbulence in the EU.

Renzi’s resignation could open the door to Italy’s early elections already next year and consequently to the possibility of an anti-euro party, the 5-Star Movement, which campaigned hard for a ‘no’ vote, gaining power in the very heart of the EU.


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