Russian Ministry to draft a strategic plan to develop e-commerce

The Ministry of Industry believes to design a development plan for e-commerce in Russia by the end of the year
Russian Ministry to draft a strategic plan to develop e-commerce
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Russian Ministry of Industry will develop a  strategy for the development of e-commerce in Russia by the end of the year, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the ministry.

After the meeting with business cycles, the Ministry of Industry has identified two main features of the strategy for e-commerce. In particular, it will consists of measures aimed to remove barriers that hinder the development of e-commerce, as well as measures that facilitate doing business in e-commerce for Russian based companies. The ministry notes that it concerns bans on online sale of alcohol beverages, jewelry, and medicines. According to the ministry there is a need in a ‘balanced’ approach and liberalization of this market.

“E-commerce is a rapidly growing segment that has to have a balanced governmental intervention without excessive administrative pressure,” the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said adding that it is necessary to consider existing consumer demands and expectations.

In addition, the strategic plan will include a set of so called ‘logistic support’ and measures aimed to simplify online payments for goods and services, thus increasing reliance. Under this feature the ministry plans to provide some limitations to create ‘equal’ competition between Russian and foreign Internet companies. The ministry didn’t explain what it means under the ‘limitations’.

It is assumed that the ministry will create a special working group that is supposed to design a development plan weather as a separate document, or as a part of the Development Strategy for Trade of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020.

The group of experts will consist of representatives of federal executive bodies, experts from the National Association of Distance Trade, representatives of the Association of E-commerce Companies, different stakeholders, as well as logistic and payment operators. The strategy is supposed to be developed based on a comprehensive analysis and market forecast.

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