Russian S7 airline owner buys Sea Launch mobile spaceport

After closing the deal, S7 hopes to restart space launches with Sea Launch platform in 18 months
Russian S7 airline owner buys Sea Launch mobile spaceport
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Russian’s S7 Group , the owner of Russia’s airline, has purchased the Sea Launch mobile platform from RSC Energia, reports Tass.

The deal was signed on Tuesday at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. The purchased assets include the Sea Launch Commander vessel and the Odyssey Launch Platform, as well as various pieces of support equipment and a port facility in Long Beach, California

The deal on the sale is expected to be closed in six months, after an approval from the US Department and conclusion of a number of agreements that make part of the deal.

After that, S7 hopes to restart space launches in 18 months, in late 2018. According to the CEO of S7 Group Vladislav Filev, the Sea Launch plans to conduct up to 70 launches of carrier rockets in next 15 years without making any larger investments in its upgrade.

“The acquisition of the Sea Launch is a ‘ticket’ for us to enter the space industry. Space infrastructure is developing rapidly. In our view, it is a very exciting area of business, with good long-term prospects,” said Filеv.

Sea Launch was established in 1995 as a consortium of four companies: American Boeing, RSC Energia, the Norwegian shipyard Kvaerner and the Ukrainian Yuzhnoye design bureau and Yuzhmash production association. Sea Launch declared its bankruptcy in 2009 and in 2010 the Russian enterprise assumed the leading role in the project. The multi-stake holder firms announced the suspension of launches in the summer of 2014.

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