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Sea Future

sea future

the hub on the Mediterranean Sea for the Blue Economy
3:1 is the balance in favour of the Sea: our FIRST economic resource.
A safe and secure sea ecosystem grant supplying of raw materials, energy and blue growth, but it has to be protected and saved.

the hub on the Mediterranean Sea for the Blue Economy SEAFUTURE
is the HUB able to create connections, synergies among national and international big players, SMEs, universities and research institutes, innovative start ups, technology clusters, marine and maritime ones, Italian Navy, Foreign Navies and institutional stakeholders.

A diversifed event that concerns:

• products and high technology systems of the participating enterprises are on show
• advanced bilateral meetings
• conference, seminars and business conversation of high political, technological and scientifc profle.

• prize award to the 3 best thesis in dual, green technologies and industrial design themes
• presentantion of innovative start ups.

• simulation of operative activities in the frame of homeland security at sea

the hub on the Mediterranean Sea for the Blue Economy
2016 Edition made SEAFUTURE one of the most prestigious event in the naval, shipbuilding and maritime sector, with the unique feature of Dual Use, both civil and military one.

SEAFUTURE represents a must-attend event to develop business opportunities for all professional players.


SEAFUTURE 2018 will be held from 19 to 23 June 2018 at La Spezia Navy Base.
Exhibiting Spaces will be available inside the historical Hangars of the Navy Arsenal and in the basins in front of them.
La Spezia EPS
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