Social spending in Europe: Italy very bad

Mar 25, 2018 9:40 pm

“3 Italians out of 10 at risk of poverty”  

People in difficulty in Italy are 18.1 million, 30% of the population. The average European level is 23.1 percent: 6.9 points less. In France and Germany, the poverty risk has decreased and currently has a level of over 10 points lower than the average Italian figure. At the regional level, the situation in the South is very heavy. The latest data available for 2016 indicate that the risk of poverty or social exclusion on the total population has reached 55.6% in Sicily, 49.9% in Campania and 46.7% in Calabria. In Italy, the tax pressure stands at 29.6%. France has a load of 29.1%, Austria 27.4%, the United Kingdom 27.2%, the Netherlands 23.6%, Germany 23.4% and Spain 22 , 1%. Excluding pension expenditure, the cost of social spending on the GDP (unemployment, disability, home, maternity, health, assistance, etc.) was 11.9%. Among the main EU countries, only Spain has a lower share (11.3% of GDP). All the others, on the other hand, have a much higher cost than ours. In essence, we are the most ill-treated in Europe and with a “skimpy” welfare social problems and economic difficulties have increased dramatically.

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