Strasbourg Court: 70% of the pending appeals arrive form five countries

May 6, 2019 8:00 pm

Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey and Italy, “could allow the Court to breathe”

”I leave the European Court of Human Rights in fairly good health but with an unresolved problem, that is the excessive amount of pending cases, which prevents us from giving a reasonable response to all those who turn to Strasbourg”, said the outgoing president of the European Court of Human Rights, Guido Raimondi. ”The solution to this problem, which is the main problem for the Strasbourg Court – he added – is in the hands of the States and especially depends on those five countries from which 70% of the pending appeals arrive”. Raimondi underlined that ”an improvement in the implementation of the European convention on human rights at the national level, and especially in those five countries, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, and Italy, could allow the Court to breathe”.

In order to achieve this goal, according to the president, it is absolutely necessary that the European and national judges work together to implement the European convention of human rights”.

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