Switzerland and the “No Billag”

On March 4, vote for the end of the fee the public radio and television service in referendum The right-wing parties call for its abolition
Switzerland and the “No Billag”
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On March 4, citizens in Switzerland will be called to vote on the abolition of the fee for the Ssr (Swiss Radio and Television Society). Public radio-television
has four tv channels, five national and 34 local radio stations, a 3 million user website per month. With 141 thousand signatures collected in 2015, citizens will have to express on the ‘mandatory fee’.

The referendum has a “No Billag” and Billag is the company to which the Ssr has contracted the collection of the highest fee in Europe (390 euros per year). “It is a hidden tax paid even by those who do not watch Ssr”, reports the UDC, the main Swiss party. For the promoters, the abolition of the fee would free the Swiss TV from the political yoke, would allow families to have 390 euros more per year and would prevent the lavish salary given to tv characters called to conduct popular broadcasts.

The proceeds of the fee are 60 million and represent 70% of the budgets of the Ssr.

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